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Image of Industry - Dow Chemical Plant

Industry - Dow Chemical Plant

Postcard image of Dow Chemical Plant with river and railway

Map of Midland County Michigan -

Colored Midland Co. Map issued by Midland County Road commission. Dwight Gilson, Chairman. Map has some pencil marks in middle area. "Don Morr" written near midsection. Map of all townships and shows major roads and highways, rivers and lakes, churches, schools, railroads, oil fields, cities and towns. Midland County Road Commission - Dwight Gilson, William Maxwell, Carl A. Branson, Harvey Dudd

Image of Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County, Shows the townships including major highways, roads, railroads, rivers or streams, schools, churches, Oil fields, towns and citys. Sponsored by The Bliss Abstract Company, Aaron Bliss, Manager

Image of Residence - M.C. Depot

Residence - M.C. Depot

Postcard photograph of the "Midland's $20,000 M.C. Depot".

Image of Transportation - Train Station

Transportation - Train Station

Postcard photograph of a train station.