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Image of Buildings and Facilities - 2005.520.0310

Buildings and Facilities - 2005.520.0310

Photograph: Mills Community Center

Image of Education - 2005.550.0226

Education - 2005.550.0226

Photograph: Education Mills Township "This is Trissie Clark's Teacher in Mills Township High Midland Co Michigan winter of 1902 and her scholars."

Image of Farming - 2005.540.0046

Farming - 2005.540.0046

Threshing Crew Photo taken in Mills Township on Eckmair Farm, located 2 miles north of old Bombay Store. The threshing crew traveled around Hope, Mills and Larkin Township. The rig was owned by Abe Bontrager. The crew would stay with the rig at night and were fed at the farm. Fourth from left: Lester Friedle, Duncan McNair, Alton Bontrager, Everett Eckmair.

Image of Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County, Shows the townships including major highways, roads, railroads, rivers or streams, schools, churches, Oil fields, towns and citys. Sponsored by The Bliss Abstract Company, Aaron Bliss, Manager

Image of Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Affidavit of employment service with the Michigan Public School for Olive Crane Adams (Olive Wayne) from 1907 through 1947 in Midland County, relating to the filing of retirement benefits. The document is titled "Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund: Applicant's Affidavit of Services in Public Schools".

Image of Teaching Contract-Mills Township -

Teaching Contract-Mills Township -

Teaching contract between Mills Township, Midland County and Mrs. Olive Crane, to commence on August 28,1939.