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Image of Education - 2005.550.0194

Education - 2005.550.0194

Photograph: Education Averill left to right - Averill School, present home C.W. Siechert. Purchased from Lamphierd's. Before its present location store was moved twice.

Image of Education - 2005.550.0195

Education - 2005.550.0195

Photograph: Education Averill, Averill School

Image of Education - 2005.550.0196

Education - 2005.550.0196

Photograph: Education Averill, Averill School Lincoln no. 2/Bensch School Teachers - Katie Peterson of Sanford - left, Mildred Spaulding of Midland - right First row l to r: Harold Dittmar, Homer Thornton, Roy Lightfoot, Carl Stellmacher, Donald Laughton, Ferninand Arndt (holding slate), Vernon Beckman, Marie Bailey, Minnie Stellmacher, Lena Beck, Freddie Beck, Walter Beck, Johnnie Thornton. 2nd row: Ferdinand Klingbial, Ralph Hiatt, Russell Madison, Edna Hiatt, Katherine Hiatt, Emma Stellmacher, Marie Laughton, Gladys Dittmar, Minnie Arndt, Ethel Madison, Ella Sampson, Sidney Dittmer, Laurence Inman with arms around Willie Arndt. 3rd row: Eddie Lightfoot, George Sampso

Image of Education - 2005.550.0197

Education - 2005.550.0197

Photograph: Education Lincoln township no 2 aka: Bensch School

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0009

Lumbering - 2005.535.0009

Log Banking grounds at Averill, Mich., about 1890. The banking grounds had 23,000,000 feet of logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0011

Lumbering - 2005.535.0011

Rollway of logs on the Tittabawassee River at Red Keg (Averill). 15people are standing on the logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0012

Lumbering - 2005.535.0012

Averill Banking Grounds; White Pine logs at the Banking Ground at Averill. These logs were cut in the winter and brought by train from the woods to Averill where they were rolled down the bank to the river when the water was high in the spring to be on their way to Saginaw to the big mills. Averill had 7 hotels to accommodate the loggers. Lincoln Township

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0124

Lumbering - 2005.535.0124

Camp of Wright & Ketchum, located in Northern Lincoln Township. Two Buildings, men and horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0125

Lumbering - 2005.535.0125

Wright & Ketchum Headquarters, Lincoln Township. Two buildings, one is two stories and the other a log cabin style building. Group of men standing outside buildings.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0126

Lumbering - 2005.535.0126

Wright & Ketchum Headquarters; Hope Rd. Shows five buildings with men, women and children outside the buildings. Railroad tracks in picture plus several teams of horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0127

Lumbering - 2005.535.0127

Cook building for Wright and Ketchum lumber camp; , When mother cooked children were there, too. This is from Headquarters north of Averill; Wright & Ketchum;

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0128

Lumbering - 2005.535.0128

Wright and Ketchum lumber camp. Train engine on railroad tracks in fron to shanties. about 15 men standing by train.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0129

Lumbering - 2005.535.0129

Wright & Ketchum's lumber camp Three small buildings with train engine and several cars loaded with logs. Men are standing on top of the logs.

Image of Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County Michigan -

Map of Midland County, Shows the townships including major highways, roads, railroads, rivers or streams, schools, churches, Oil fields, towns and citys. Sponsored by The Bliss Abstract Company, Aaron Bliss, Manager

Image of Residence--Lanphierd - 2005.521.00011

Residence--Lanphierd - 2005.521.00011

Photograph: Lanphierd Log Home

Image of Waterways - 2005.565.0145

Waterways - 2005.565.0145

Bridge - Stark Road/Sturgeon Creek, Location - Stark Road, Township - Lincoln, River Crossing - Sturgeon Creek, Year built: 1957, Type: Timber Box