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Image of Buildings and Facilities: Post Office, Edenville - 2005.520.0228

Buildings and Facilities: Post Office, Edenville - 2005.520.0228

Photograph: Edenville Public, Post Office US Post Office in Edenville, Michigan Photograph taken by Richard Beehr in the summer of 2000

Image of Churches - 2005.522.0073

Churches - 2005.522.0073

Photograph: Churches Methodist, Edenville

Image of Dams - Edenville Dam

Dams - Edenville Dam

35mm slide image view of the Edenville Dam.

Image of Dams - Edenville Dam

Dams - Edenville Dam

35mm slide view of the Edenville Dam spillway located at the Tobaccoo River.

Image of Dams - Sanford Dam Spillway

Dams - Sanford Dam Spillway

35mm slide view of the Sanford Dam spillway.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0059

Lumbering - 2005.535.0059

Curtice Mill in Edenville Township. This mill was located in the middle of the SE quarter of Section 7. The mill was south of the railroad that came from Coleman. The picture shows two railroad spurs with an engine on one spur. There are stacks of lumber between the two spurs. And other buildings in the background.

Image of Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Affidavit of employment service with the Michigan Public School for Olive Crane Adams (Olive Wayne) from 1907 through 1947 in Midland County, relating to the filing of retirement benefits. The document is titled "Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund: Applicant's Affidavit of Services in Public Schools".

Image of Street Scenes - 2005.545.0236

Street Scenes - 2005.545.0236

Photograph: Street Scenes View of Main Street in Edenville, photo shows a dirt main street with both cars and horse drawn wagons.

Image of Street Scenes - 2005.545.0237

Street Scenes - 2005.545.0237

Photograph: Street Scenes Edenville, Main Street, Business District, image shows dirt roads and cars.

The Midland Log, Frank Wixom -

The Midland Log, Summer 1982 Grand Old Man of Camp Sixteen: Frank I. Wixom by Jeremy W. Kilar

The Midland Log: The Many Post Offices of Midland County -

The Midland Log: Fall 2008 "The Many Post Offices of Midland County"

The Midland Log, Volume 1, Number 2, Fall - Winter 1970 -

The Midland Log: Vol 1 no. 2 Summer 1970 Contents: A Description of Life in Midland about 1849 by Myrtle Keicher The Federal Census of 1850 for Midland County by Staff Stump Fences by Zaida Ellis Gibbs Men of Midland: Hiram Thornton by Staff

Image of Waterways - 2005.565.0220

Waterways - 2005.565.0220

Edenville Township - Curtis Road Bridge; river crossing - Tittabawassee; year built: unknown; type: truss. Bowman (Boman) house and barn on other side of the bridge. location image courtesy of John Krieger

Image of Waterways - Edenville Dam

Waterways - Edenville Dam

35mm slide, view of the Edeville Dam Spillway at the Tobacco River.

Image of Waterways - Sanford Dam

Waterways - Sanford Dam

35mm slide, view of the Sanford Dam and spillway.

Dolores and Orrie Francis

Oral History: Dolores and Orrie Francis Age at Time of Interview: Orrie 79, Dolores 74 Interview Date: 5/5/2000 and 7/12/2000 Year Range: 1869-2000 Topics: Ancestry of Orrie Francis Family Bible of Brooks family Kerosene Lamps gas lamps Francis Grocery Store Leonard thomas and Thomas Shores Farming 1st Volunteer Fire Department of Edenville Fire on the Francis Farm Ancestry of Delores (Secor) Francis Spikehorn Meyer and his bears Mainstreet Edenville 1930s Remembrances of World War II File contains photos

Gladys Marsh

Oral History: Gladys Marsh Age at Time of Interview: 80 Year Range: 1920-2000 Topics: Carty Family Farm Horses Donald marsh Boman Family Electricity to Edenville Early Irons Milk Marketing Turkey Farming Games 1920s and early 1930 Seventh Day Adventist Church Edenville Lumberjack Picnics Edenville Methodist Ladies Aid Frank Wixom File contains photos of: Gladys Marsh Gladys and Donald Marsh Home Gladys Fowler and Donald Marsh wedding picture

Preston Marsh

Oral History: Preston Marsh Age at Time of Interview: 84 Year Range: 1855-2000 Topics: Logging Building of Edenville Dam the Depression Property Taxes 1930s People: Gilbert Goff and family, iron ore miner Orville Nolan - mason Herb Nolan - professinal fighter Elmer Nolan - bridge builder Lem Brown - blacksmith Frank Wixom - Dam builder File contains: Midland Dail News Forum write up about Preston and 75 years of farming and living in Edenville.

Roger and Bertha Johnson

Oral History: Roger and Bertha Johnson Age at Time of Interview: Roger 83, Bertha 81 Year Range: 1860-2000 Topics: Main Street in Edenville Stanley Morrison Gransalen Family History Johnson Family History Nova Oakland automobile World War II Edenville Lumberjack Picnic 1933 Midland Courtesy Meat Market Cleaning a Crock Well Gas Lights Installation of electricity Dorothy Boman - Queen of the Pasgeant making wine

Ruth Finch Franklin

Oral History: Ruth Finch Franklin Age at Time of Interview: 86 Year Range: 1855-2004 Topics: Family History of Burton's Edenville History David Burton pioneer of Edenville Frank Burton, teacher, lawyer, newspaper business, farmer Family history of Judge's edenville Dam Milk Bottling electricity in Edenville Building of the dams Frank Wixom Lumberjack picnics Bishop School Stanley Harper and his store Poetry by Ruth Franklin Camp Sixteen News Letter Photo in file

Veda Rowe

Oral History: Veda Rowe Age at Time of Interview: 80 Year Range: 1923-2004 Topics: Shepherd family from Edenville Veda's family tree Description of stone house on Saiko rd. Frying bullheads for breakfast Edenville picnics Edna Spencer Erways' birthday party File contains: Picture of Veda Midland Daily News article 6/21/2004 on Edenville school with pictures of graduating class in 1896