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Image of Industry - Cooperage

Industry - Cooperage

Photograph of men infront of a cooperage. Bottom row 6th from left Ernest Parrish.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0053

Lumbering - 2005.535.0053

The upper Emerson Park Wooden Factory. two story building with men, women and children standing outside the building.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0135

Lumbering - 2005.535.0135

This picture shows what is believed to be one of the Haley & Covert lumbering camps. the camp known as headquarters.; The Covert & Haley Lumber Camp was located near Sanford, Mich. The are two sets of railroad tracks that are in front of 4 buildings. Several teams of horses and a small pile of logs. Bearded man standing in fron ton RR track and between men holding cant hook is believed to be George Covert Sr. of the Haley & Covert firm.