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Image of Disasters - 2005.590.0006

Disasters - 2005.590.0006

Playfair's lumber yard fire, October 24, 1915.

Image of Disasters - 2005.590.0012

Disasters - 2005.590.0012

Rolf Brothers saw mill explosion in 1907, located near coleman.

Image of Groups Identified - Joe Morrisons Saw Mill

Groups Identified - Joe Morrisons Saw Mill

Postcard photograph of Joe Morrison's saw mill at North Bradley. Joe is standing on the left.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.530.0130

Lumbering - 2005.530.0130

Picture of large wooden building with attached open shed at a Lumber camp. Ben Reed is standing on railroad tie. . Probably in Jerome Township or Lincoln Township; N. of Sanford.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0001

Lumbering - 2005.535.0001

Photograph: Lumbering Non-Midland County, Transportation, Train Logging on the Ward estate in 1907 near Deward, Michigan in Crawford County - The late John Holden, with Henry and William Mashue of Midland are in most of the views.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0002

Lumbering - 2005.535.0002

Logging on the Ward estate in 1907 near Deward, Michigan in Crawford County - The late John Holden, with Henry and William Mashue of Midland are in most of the views.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0003

Lumbering - 2005.535.0003

Curtis Logging operations between Edenville and Coleman. Shows train with logs on cars and lumberjacks with pikes on logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0004

Lumbering - 2005.535.0004

Photograph of logs on flatbed railcars with men standing on logs and a team of horses next to the RR cars. This was taken in the Pere Marquette Yards behind the Midland Courthouse

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0005

Lumbering - 2005.535.0005

Logging on the Ward estate in 1907 near Deward, Michigan in Crawford County - The late John Holden, with Henry and William Mashue of Midland are in most of the views.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0006

Lumbering - 2005.535.0006

Logging on the Ward estate in 1907 near Deward, Michigan in Crawford County - The late John Holden, with Henry and William Mashue of Midland are in most of the views. Picture has a team of horses hooked up to a sled with a large pile of logs. Eight loggers are on top of the pile of logs or standing next to it.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0007

Lumbering - 2005.535.0007

Early logging scene - Clinton Skym (R2, Midland ) sitting on top of logs on a sled pulled by two horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0008

Lumbering - 2005.535.0008

Midland County Lumbering - Team of horses with sled, six logs on sled. Two other teams of horses are pulling two logs each up to the sled. Six loggers are in picture.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0009

Lumbering - 2005.535.0009

Log Banking grounds at Averill, Mich., about 1890. The banking grounds had 23,000,000 feet of logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0010

Lumbering - 2005.535.0010

Log Rollway on the Tittabawasee River in front of George A. Janes house where 47 Building was built later back of Abe Surath's Warehouse back of Smith's Cider Mill. The old wooden Benson Street Bridge is visable in the background.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0011

Lumbering - 2005.535.0011

Rollway of logs on the Tittabawassee River at Red Keg (Averill). 15people are standing on the logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0012

Lumbering - 2005.535.0012

Averill Banking Grounds; White Pine logs at the Banking Ground at Averill. These logs were cut in the winter and brought by train from the woods to Averill where they were rolled down the bank to the river when the water was high in the spring to be on their way to Saginaw to the big mills. Averill had 7 hotels to accommodate the loggers. Lincoln Township

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0015

Lumbering - 2005.535.0015

Midland County, The Old Elm Works Mill. Orginally located by Dow Main Office (47 Building) current location of Founders Park.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0016

Lumbering - 2005.535.0016

Midland County, The Elm Works Mill, located at the corner of Main St. and Bay City Rd. (now inside Dow Plant). The Elm works made tubs, churns, etc.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0019

Lumbering - 2005.535.0019

John Larkin Mill - Looking west and showing the old waterworks and bridge across the mouth of the Chippewa River.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0021

Lumbering - 2005.535.0021

Photograph: Lumbering Larkin and Patrick Mill located at the foot of McDonald Street along the Tittabawasee River.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0023

Lumbering - 2005.535.0023

Nehil Lumbering Company, Personnel standing in front of a storage building with boards.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0024

Lumbering - 2005.535.0024

Nehil Lumbering & Supply Building with four delivery trucks from the 1920s - 1930s parked in front of the building. There are also four men standing by the cars. Written at the bottom of the picture "Ready for Delivery"

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0025

Lumbering - 2005.535.0025

Early Nehil Lumber location: Mill & Benson St.. There is a bridge on the right. There is a small wood building with a stack of lumber outside and 10 men by the lumber. There is a railroad track in front on the building and stack of lumber. Jack Nehil - 3rd from left; 1 - Roy Hicks, 2 - Fred Letts, 3 - Dri ? Thompson

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0050

Lumbering - 2005.535.0050

George W. Kent portable sawmill near Coleman, about 1910. Has a belt and pulley driven power unit with a large circular saw blade to the side. There are three men standing by the mill and two small boys standing on a stack of lumber.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0051

Lumbering - 2005.535.0051

Carey Shingle Works, Hope, MI; The Carey Shingle Mill, wagon maker shop and blacksmith shop at Hope

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0052

Lumbering - 2005.535.0052

1894 - Coleman, Mich. Cooperage Mfg. Company. One large building with logs out side and rolls of hoops in center. About 25 men standing outside the building and one boy.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0055

Lumbering - 2005.535.0055

The William Patrick Shingle Mill in the 1890s. Thomas Shaw was foreman and Parley Smith mill wright.; Snake Creek @ PMRR

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0057

Lumbering - 2005.535.0057

Shingle mill of Collar & Garber, Midland County 1868-1870; The mill and house was located on the S.W. corner of S.E. 1/4 Town 14. N. 2-E. School house was located across the road west of house; Shingle Mill located in the vicinity of Plymouth School, Midland. . Presented by Mabel & Otto Garber.on E. Sugnet between Jefferson & Plymouth School, . Notice oxen and size of stump in extreme right of picture. from Oscar [Coller]

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0058

Lumbering - 2005.535.0058

Lumber Mill west of Emerson Park, near the area of Upper Emerson Park.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0059

Lumbering - 2005.535.0059

Curtice Mill in Edenville Township. This mill was located in the middle of the SE quarter of Section 7. The mill was south of the railroad that came from Coleman. The picture shows two railroad spurs with an engine on one spur. There are stacks of lumber between the two spurs. And other buildings in the background.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0060

Lumbering - 2005.535.0060

Curtice Mill, with bolts from which shingles were made. Railroad spur with box car in middled of picture. In the upper left corner, buildings that would be inthe town of Curtice can be seen.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0061

Lumbering - 2005.535.0061

John Nehil Mill - Building with logs and tank outside building.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0123

Lumbering - 2005.535.0123

Wright and Ketchum lumber camp. Two buildings with men and horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0124

Lumbering - 2005.535.0124

Camp of Wright & Ketchum, located in Northern Lincoln Township. Two Buildings, men and horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0125

Lumbering - 2005.535.0125

Wright & Ketchum Headquarters, Lincoln Township. Two buildings, one is two stories and the other a log cabin style building. Group of men standing outside buildings.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0126

Lumbering - 2005.535.0126

Wright & Ketchum Headquarters; Hope Rd. Shows five buildings with men, women and children outside the buildings. Railroad tracks in picture plus several teams of horses.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0127

Lumbering - 2005.535.0127

Cook building for Wright and Ketchum lumber camp; , When mother cooked children were there, too. This is from Headquarters north of Averill; Wright & Ketchum;

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0128

Lumbering - 2005.535.0128

Wright and Ketchum lumber camp. Train engine on railroad tracks in fron to shanties. about 15 men standing by train.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0129

Lumbering - 2005.535.0129

Wright & Ketchum's lumber camp Three small buildings with train engine and several cars loaded with logs. Men are standing on top of the logs.

Image of Lumbering - 2005.535.0131

Lumbering - 2005.535.0131

Picture of about 15 men and two boys in what is possibly a Midland County lumber camp.. There are several shacks in the picture plus a team of horse and two boys with a sheep.