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Title Military
Caption World War I
Date Sept 20, 1917
Catalog Number 2005.675.0011
Description Postcard image of a group of local men before leaving for World War I. The order of appearance in the photo is unknown but the list of men include:

From the city of Midland: John Arndt, Clyde E. Bordner, Chester A. Bowen, Earl Breasbois, Robert E. Buck, Joseph P. Churchfield, William Ellsworth, Lee W. Engwis, Edmund S. Foster, John C. Fudala, George W. Heckre, Henry A. Higby, Horace W. Johnson, Henry Langendorf, John W. McCall, Vet McCann, Edward Moggo, Norman Oakes, Clell A. Robinson, Ed. D. Schermerhorn, Dean W. Shook, Frank C. Solosky, and Henry L. Wolfe.

From rural Midland: Ernest R. Fenskie (route 2), Carl U. Fisher (route 3), Dory L. R. Fowler (route 5), Benjamin E. Franklin (route 7), Ellsworth F. Reed (route 5), Sidney Shepard (route 6), Herman Stellmacher, Jr. (route 8), and Otto J. Stellmacher (route 8).

From Coleman: Victor R. Badgley (route 1), Russell M. Barnhart (route 2), Charles H. Daniels (route 1), Henry O. Fields, Theodore Heitkamp (route 1), William W. Keller, Lawrence L. Lower, Earl C. Martindale, Irving Robinson (route 1), and Ira M. Teeter (route 3).

From Edenville: Fred L. Woods.

From Hope: John Earl Wooley.

From North Bradley: Henry Lee Gibbs and Leroy Thomas.

From Sanford: Earl F. Allswede and John Irish.

[outside of Midland County]:
From Breckenridge: Howard D. Hastings, Arthur E. Hill, Glenn A. Morford (route 4), and William W. Phipps.
From Freeland: Robert J. Milner (route 1).
From Merrill: Ernest Laduke (route 2), Julius Phelps, and Alfred Poscal (route 2),
From St. Louis: Semon Bollenbacher (route 2).
From Shepherd: Harrison M. Lilly (route 5) and Henry R. Riemenschneider.
Object Name Postcard, Picture
Place Midland, MI
Photographer A. Price
Orig/copy Original
Print size 3.5" x 5.5"
Collection Midland County Historical Postcard Collection
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Classification Military
World War I
Search Terms City, Midland
Government, Court House
People Marshall, Allen
Arndt, John
Bordner, Clyde E.
Bowen, Chester A.
Breasbois, Earl
Buck, Robert E.
Churchfield, Joseph P.
Ellsworth, William
Engwis, Lee W.
Foster, Edmund S.
Fudala, John C.
Heckre, George W.
Higby, Henry A.
Johnson, Horace W.
Langendorf, Henry
McCall John W.
McCann, Vet
Moggo, Edward
Oaks, Norman
Robinson, Clell A.
Schermerhorn, Ed. D.
Shook, Dean W.
Solosky, Frank C.
Wolfe, Henry L.
Fenskie, Ernest R.
Fisher, Carl U.
Fowler, Dory Le Roy
Reed, Ellsworth F.
Shepard, Sidney
Stellmacher, Herman, Jr.
Stellmacher, Otto J.
Badgley, Victor R.
Barnhart, Russell M.
Daniels, Charles H.
Fields, Henry O.
Heitkamp, Theodore
Keller, William W.
Lower, Lawrence L.
Martindale, Earl C.
Robinson, Irving
Teeter, Ira M.
Woods, Fred L.
Wooley, John Earl
Gibbs, Henry Lee
Thomas, Leroy
Allison, Janice J
Allswede, Earl F.
Irish, John
Franklin, Benjamin E.
Subjects Men
World War I
Clothing & dress