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Name Residence, Log cabins
Number of Archive records 1
Number of Photo records 14

Associated Records

The Midland Log, Volume 1, Number 1 -

The Midland Log Vol 1 no. 1: Spring 1970 Contents: An Introduction to the History of Midland County by Mrs. Minnie Sias The Last of the Log Cabins by J. Wiley Men of Midland: John Larkin by Staff "Dear Teddy" A poem by a Midland County resident.

Image of Residence-- Unknown - 2005.521.0015

Residence-- Unknown - 2005.521.0015

Photograph: Unknown Log Home

Image of Residence-- Unknown - 2005.521.0017

Residence-- Unknown - 2005.521.0017

Photograph: Unknown Log Home

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0021

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0021

Photograph: Unknown Log Home

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0018

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0018

Photograph: Unknown Log Home

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0019

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0019

Photograph: Unknown Log Home

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0020

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0020

Photograph: Unknown Log Home [picture of drawn image]

Image of Residence--Waterman - 2005.521.0014

Residence--Waterman - 2005.521.0014

Photograph: Waterman Log Home

Image of Residence-Log Cabin - 2005.521.0010

Residence-Log Cabin - 2005.521.0010

Photograph: Winslow Log Home Located on Geneva Road section 27 of Greendale Township, likely built by Johnathan and Lottie (Winslow) Day.

Image of Residence--Lanphierd - 2005.521.00011

Residence--Lanphierd - 2005.521.00011

Photograph: Lanphierd Log Home

Image of Residence-Miller - 2005.521.0012

Residence-Miller - 2005.521.0012

Photograph: Miller Log Home

Image of Residence--Ostrander - 2005.521.0013

Residence--Ostrander - 2005.521.0013

Photograph: Ostrander Log Home John Ostrander Ingersoll Township

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0022

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0022

Photograph: Unknown Log Home One of Midland County's earliest log cabins

Image of Residence, Unknown - 2005.521.0023

Residence, Unknown - 2005.521.0023

Photograph: Unknown Log Home "When ponieer families were first established, domestic animals were scarce and often families were dependent upon the wild game nearby. Perhaps the boys in the picture were setting out to hunt with their trusty dog when the photographer came by; or perhaps they posed for the photographer with their most prized posession."

Image of Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0024

Residence--Unknown - 2005.521.0024

Photograph: Unknown Log Home "This early homesteader's cabin of logs with its bark left on is low and roofed with planks instead of "shakes." The rain barrel on the right caught water for washing and the wooden wash tub probably served as a bath tub too. The woman seems delicate and refined - ill suited to pioneer life. She probably came from a large city in the East. In time these pioneers adjusted to the hardships and laid the foundation for the communities we have today."