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Name History, Midland County
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Image of "Inspect Treasures of Bygone Generations" -

"Inspect Treasures of Bygone Generations" -

Newspaper clipping about Oscar Wallen, the wallen family and their connections to the early pioneering Collar family.

Donald Beckwith

Oral History Interview: Don Beckwith Topics: Rat Bounties Coon family history City clerk's office Franklin Coons Parachute Jump People: John Collier Coons Callahan Family

Kittie S. Horden

Oral History: Kittie S. Horden Age at Time of Interview: 82 Year Range: 1920-2000 Topics: Childhood games in 1920s chicory Chester Cones Doing laundry 1930s Nora Horden

Helen Hudson

Oral History: Helen Hudson Age at Time of Interview: 89 Year Range: 1911-2000 Topics: Michigan Basements Solosky family Day Hotel Ole Farm Restaurant

Della Hurley

Oral History: Della Hurley Age at Time of Interview: 93 Year Range: 1906-2000 Topics: Ed Hewitt Alice McGuire James Howe gray School The Cream Station Hurley Family History Laporte

Roger and Bertha Johnson

Oral History: Roger and Bertha Johnson Age at Time of Interview: Roger 83, Bertha 81 Year Range: 1860-2000 Topics: Main Street in Edenville Stanley Morrison Gransalen Family History Johnson Family History Nova Oakland automobile World War II Edenville Lumberjack Picnic 1933 Midland Courtesy Meat Market Cleaning a Crock Well Gas Lights Installation of electricity Dorothy Boman - Queen of the Pasgeant making wine

Alreneth Sugnet Juneau

Oral History: Arleneth Sugnet Juneau Age at Time of Interview: 73 Year Range: 1849-2000 Topics: Sugnet geneology State Road Auab pie Wayne McCandless Sugnet farm house The Depression John Juneau Mrs. Seymour Ron Nelberg Ford Motor Company Courthouse murals Aggie Croro Dorothy Arbury Dorothy Pinner Catherine Griswold Photos in File: Sugnet School 1913 Sugnet Family

Marville Kent

Oral History: Marville Kent Age at Time of Interview: 89 Year Range: 1900-2000 Topics: Blacksmithing Carey genealogy Flu epidemic 1918 Maggie Barrage Main St. Midland 1930 Midland Bank Robbery Meteor Cafe Pre-Fabricated Houses Photography Kent Color Business File contains Photos: Marville Kent

Edith Krotzer

Oral History: Edith Krotzer Age at Time of Interview: 68 Year Range: 1932-2000 Topics: Recipe for chest rub for whooping cough games of 1930s and 1940s Howard and Eddith Krotzer wedding Bert Kellogg Donald Anger Don Wager Ted Sweebe Glen Allen Churning butter Childhood memories Photo in File

Jane and Bill Kuhlman

Oral History: Jane and Bill Kuhlman Age at Time of Interview: 80s Year Range: 1916-2001 Topics: Memories of early Dow days Towsley Street Glen Bowen Edith Anders Wire family genealogy Dulcimers Silas Braley Autoharp Folk Music Society of Midland Jolly Hammers and Strings Dulcimer Club Decorating Bradley House

Doris Lyon

Oral History: Doris Lyon Age at Time of Interview: 70 Year Range: 1930-2000 Topics: Childhood illnesses in 1930s and remedies Toys and games of the 1930s and early 1940s Christmas and Thanksgiving 1930s Turkey Collection The Depression Dances of the 1940s Olson School Flag Program early roads of Midland Quilting Hull Family File contains photo of Doris

Gladys Marsh

Oral History: Gladys Marsh Age at Time of Interview: 80 Year Range: 1920-2000 Topics: Carty Family Farm Horses Donald marsh Boman Family Electricity to Edenville Early Irons Milk Marketing Turkey Farming Games 1920s and early 1930 Seventh Day Adventist Church Edenville Lumberjack Picnics Edenville Methodist Ladies Aid Frank Wixom File contains photos of: Gladys Marsh Gladys and Donald Marsh Home Gladys Fowler and Donald Marsh wedding picture

Trevor Robinson McBride

Oral History: Trevor Robinson McBride Year Range: 1861-1999 Topics: History of Curtice Village Orgin of first Sno Company Founding of Robinson Industries J.E. Curtice Lumber Mill in Coleman Luman Town, Warren Township Stave Joiners Profession File contains photos of: Trevor mcBride Lumbering artifacts, Original home of Josh Curtice pipe from original of lowing well of Curtice Moriah Perry Mary and Jonathan Finney Staley Clarence Staley Ardis Staley Roinson Fred Robinson Curticeville School Class in 1900 Josh Curtice and unidentified lumbermen Newspaper article from Gladwin County records about Ghost town of Curtice Josh Curtice, founder of Curtice Mary Finney early

Jane Portier

Oral History: Jane Portier Age at Time of Interview: 91 Year Range: 1909-2001 Topics: Lapelle's Flower Shop Swimming at Emerson Park Frolic Theater Detroit 1930s Early Midland People: Dr. Hardy - dentist Rea Arburty White - Jane's half sister Zora Morrison - teacher Teacher Boynton Ted Bendall - student Margaret Larabie's death File contains - Midland Daily News article Accent 10/20/1999 on Jan Arbury Portier with pictures

Veda Rowe

Oral History: Veda Rowe Age at Time of Interview: 80 Year Range: 1923-2004 Topics: Shepherd family from Edenville Veda's family tree Description of stone house on Saiko rd. Frying bullheads for breakfast Edenville picnics Edna Spencer Erways' birthday party File contains: Picture of Veda Midland Daily News article 6/21/2004 on Edenville school with pictures of graduating class in 1896

Claud and Marjorie Sheperd

Oral History: Claud and Marjorie Shepherd Age at Time of Interview: 70s Year Range: 1876-2000 Topics: Hope School Making parts for stock race cars Shark encounter Havens Farm People: Ruth Davids - teacher Blanche Smith - teacher Lawrence, Dough and Ferd McCrary - brothers Betty Oliver - sister File contains photographs of the Shepherds

Robert M. Simons

Oral History: Robert M. Simons Age at Time of Interview: 79 Year Range: 1837-2000 Topics: Electricity in Coleman Coleman Elevator Company Coleman Shingle Mill Simons Mercantile Company 1920s Medical remedies Ice house with ice from Mill Pond in Clare Ice harvesting by Dow Chemical out of Sanford Lake Coleman in 1930s and 1940s Atwater Kent radio Rado Shows 1930s Frolic Theater and announcemt of Pearl Harbor Army Experiences Cive War prejudice in the south in 1940s Harvesting grain and handling, storage, shipping Michigan Bean Company in Midland People: Seymour Coleman, founder of Coleman Edwin Reagh, Manager of Simons Mercantile Frances Josephine Simon Robinson - Tea

Clara Smith

Oral History: Clara Smith Age at Time of Interview: 99 Year Range: 1901-2001 Topics: Hanging of Chemical Bank Robbers, 1937 The old Midland County Jail People: Ira Smith - Sheriff File contains: Obituary

Gilbert J. Ward

Oral History: Gilbert J. Ward Age at Time of Interview: 89 Year Range: 1882-2002 Topics: Ward family Park Realty Winter pastimes early 1920s Radio parties Summer pastimes early 1920s Termite treatment Fly spray World War II rationing Midland Kiwanis/ Kiwassee Brine Wells People: Alice Roush Joe Ward Jim Ward Karen (Ward) Jechoutek Margaret Coral Hair Ward, mother Louis Edward Ward, father Bernice Ziegler, boarder Iva Lorenz, border Ken DeGraw, teacher Mrs. Lindy Mills, teacher

The Midland Log, Summer 1983 -

The Midland Log, Summer 1983 The History of the Midland County Fair by Anita Fisk

Della Walburn

Oral History: Della Walburn Age at Time of Interview: 87 Year Range: 1919-2000 Topics: Childhood illness remedies early 1900s Toys and games 1920s 4-H Club late 1920s and early 1930s Smith's Crossing Church Memorial Day 1920s The Great Depression Lee Township Hall 1936 (Floyd Gleaner Hall) Salt rising bread Ironrite ironer Pet raccoon Gun Plant in Saginaw World War II River Road People: Catherine Lewis, teacher Freeland Mr. Powley, teacher Freeland Ruth Powley Delaney, music person at Freeland Methodist Church Kay Walburn, daughter Leonard Bergstein File contains: Della Obiturary 9/4/2004, Della

Lawrence Wendt

Oral History: Lawrence Wendt Age at Time of Interview: 75 Year Range: 1893-2000 Topics: Wendt Centenial Farm Wendt log house in Hope Hom remedies for illness in 1930s The Great Depression World War II Torpedos P.T. Boats Willard Dow, plane crash Flying airplanes People: Ferd McGarey, World War II Christopher Wendt, Son File Contains: Photo of Lawrence

Delbert Wilson

Oral History: Delbert Wilson and Dorothy Wilson Boman Age at Time of Interview: Delbert 77, Dorothy 80 Topics: Tobacco River Grist Mill Town 16 Well drilling Building fills in Sanford Fourth Engineers Fourth Division World War II Curticeville Civil Conservation Corps Damming logs for floating down river Vernell's Dairy People: Raleigh Wilson, father Ella Pearl Mason, mother Boman family Ken Richardson, dam worker File contains: Photos of Delbert and Dorothy Edenville map

Wilma Fillmore Rogers

Oral History: Wilma Fillmore Rogers Age: 94 Year Range: 1906-2000 Topics: School, Larkin No. 1 Gray School Moving to Midland from Indiana 1918 Flu Epidimic Amish Lifestyle Christmas Medicine Centenial Farm - Fillmore Farm Macabees Gleener's Hope Farm Work Methodist Church World War II Lumberjack Picnic Other: 3 Pictures of Wilma Fillmore Roger Funeral program for Wilma Obituary for Wilma Midland Daily News: Virginia Florey article "Midland Remembers: Wilma Fillmore Rogers", "Wilma Roger talks about life in Hope" People: Cecil Fillmore - Husband Earl Fillmore - Maid Dr. Lambie - Veterinary DeWitt Fillmore Ray Rogers.

The Midland Log, Frank Wixom -

The Midland Log, Summer 1982 Grand Old Man of Camp Sixteen: Frank I. Wixom by Jeremy W. Kilar

Voices: Extraordinary Women of Midland County -

Research Files compiled for the Midland County Historical Society Women's History Exhibit. Voices: Extraordinary Women of Midland County The exhibit highlighed women and women's organizations in Midland County from its founding into contemporary times. Information related to this exhibit can also be found in the MCHS publication "Midland Log"

The Midland Log Collection -

Collection of Midland Logs published by the Midland County Historical Society. Midland Logs provide an avenue to share local history, and highlight people, places, events and organizations.

The Midland Log, Volume 1, Number 1 -

The Midland Log Vol 1 no. 1: Spring 1970 Contents: An Introduction to the History of Midland County by Mrs. Minnie Sias The Last of the Log Cabins by J. Wiley Men of Midland: John Larkin by Staff "Dear Teddy" A poem by a Midland County resident.

The Midland Log, Volume 1, Number 2, Fall - Winter 1970 -

The Midland Log: Vol 1 no. 2 Summer 1970 Contents: A Description of Life in Midland about 1849 by Myrtle Keicher The Federal Census of 1850 for Midland County by Staff Stump Fences by Zaida Ellis Gibbs Men of Midland: Hiram Thornton by Staff

The Midland Log, V. 1 no. 3 -

The Midland Log Vol 1 no. 3 The Midland County Courthouse by Kathryn Cummins Drummers for Forty Years by Kathryn Cummins A Drive through Homer, an article from the Midland Sun, 1881 The Fall A poem by Douglas Malloch

The Midland Log, Summer 1982 -

The Midland Log, Summer 1982 The Life and Times of Nehil McKay by Isabelle Davis

The Midland Log, V. 3 no. 3, Spring 1971 -

The Midland Log Vol. 2 no. 1 Spring 1971 The Crabapple Tree by Zaida E. Gibbs Flood Stage by Zelda Cahill Gilman Notes from the Record book of the Ancient Order of Gleaners

The Midland Log, Vol. 2 n. 2 -

The Midland Log Vol. 2 no. 2 Summer 1971 "A Live Town" Reprinted from the Midland Republican, May 1885 with advertisements from the Midland County Courier of February 1879. "Chicago Jig" The authentic Indian tradition of the happy hunting grounds by John C. Wright (Little Crane) the Indian Poet Alma, MI

The Midland Log, V. 2 no. 3, Fall 1971 -

The Midland Log, V. 2 no. 3 Fall 1971 Contents: Explosion! by J. Wiley Recounting the explosion at the Larkin and Patrick Lumber Mill in May 1892. Oath on a Hemlock Log, Frank S. Burton Biography of local author Frank S. Burton and an excerpt from his book "Green Fields and Whispering Woods" Midland's Pioneer Women by Minnie W. Ball, 1950

The Midland Log, V. 3 no. 4 -

The Midland Log Vol. 3, no. 4 Spring 1972 Contents: Recipe for an Old-Fashioned Chicken Dinner by Zaida Ellis Gibbs The Bradley House by John D. Prewozniak Biography of Benjamine F. Bradley, history of the Bradley Home and the efforts in 1969 to save the house and move it to its current location as part of the Midland County Historical Society's museums. Camp Meeting by J. Wiley

The Midland Log, Fall 1982 -

The Midland Log, Fall 1982 Life and Times of Gilbert A. Currie by Kathryn Cummins

The Midland Log, vol. 2, no. 4 -

The Midland Log V. 2 no. 4 Winter 1972 Contents A Woodland Enchanted, by Frank S. Burton an excerpt from "Green Fields and Whispering Woods" Swift Couriers, by J. Wiley and Kathryn Cummins History of Postal service in early Midland County The Woodenware Works Excerpt from the Midland Sun, 9 Oct. 1890 Botanical Experiments The Old Farmer's Dream by Frank Clark

The Midland Log, Vol 3, n. 4 -

The Midland Log Vol. 3 no. 4 Spring 1973 Contents: Tulips in My Garden by Zaida Ellis Gibbs Gordonville School by Margaret Varner The House Where I Was Born by Frank Clark Solon Rumrill Henry Mashue [Excerpt from the Midland Daily News, 8 June 1950]

The Midland Log Vol. 3, no. 2 -

The Midland Log, Vol. 3 no. 2 Winter 1973 contents: Groves, Springs, Stumps and Things [excerpt from "Green Fields and Whispering Woods"] by Frank S. Burton Old Times with Local Sportsmen [exceprt from the Midland Republican, 1 Nov. 1923] Carey Blacksmiths Be Stuff

The Midland Log, Fall 1981 -

The Midland Log, Fall 1981 George F. Hemingway Autobiography