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Name City, Midland
Number of Archive records 141
Number of Photo records 833

Associated Records

Image of Frolic Theatre Programs -

Frolic Theatre Programs -

Three theatre programs, all performed at the Frolic Theatre in downtown Midland. a. "Dance Revue", directed by Carmen Hayes, performed on May 27, 1932. Inside it reads "Accompanists: Mrs. Royal Barringer, Mr. Harold Hines". b. and c. "The Dance Revue", directed and produced by Bonnie Gordon, performed on June 11, 1936. On the back it reads "accompanied by Frank Sage's Orchestra with Miss Edith Nelson at the piano. Flowers from Lapell's".

Image of

Mileage Rationing Record for Louis E. Ward of 1101 W. Park Dr. for a 1937 Plymouth Business Coupe.

Image of The People's State Savings Bank -

The People's State Savings Bank -

Savings account bankbook, from The People's State Savings Bank, Midland, for Gilbert John Ward.

Image of

Savings account bank book. The Chemical State Savings Bank, Midland, MI in the name of Gilbert J. Ward 1101 W. Park Drive. Blue with a cloth hard-cover Hours Rules and Regulations

Image of Minister to Luxembourg -

Minister to Luxembourg -

Invitation issued by William J. Hale to meet Wiley T. Buchanan Jr. (the American Minister to Luxembourg) and his wife Ruth Hale Buchanan (granddaughter of H.H. Dow) on Saturday October 10th at 1205 West Park Drive, Midland.

Image of Letter -

Letter -

Thank you Letter from Martha Pratt Dow to Margaret (identity unknown).

Image of

a. An undated booklet of 24 photo stamps showcasing 12 different buildings and scenes of Midland. b. A stamped envelope, postmarked Aug 23, 1908 from Midland, addressed to "Miss Annie Farrind, Plymouth, Mich".

Image of Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund Affidavit -

Affidavit of employment service with the Michigan Public School for Olive Crane Adams (Olive Wayne) from 1907 through 1947 in Midland County, relating to the filing of retirement benefits. The document is titled "Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Fund: Applicant's Affidavit of Services in Public Schools".

Image of Frevel -

Frevel -

Funeral service card for Ruth Hyde Frevel.

Image of Handi-Wrap -

Handi-Wrap -

Advertising/instructional pamphlet for Handi-Wrap, a Dow Chemical Co. product, titled "Something Special in the Lunchbox".

Image of The Dow Chemical Company -

The Dow Chemical Company -

Catalog of the products sold by Dow Chemical Co., titled "Dow Chemicals".

Image of Brewers Bond-Midland -

Brewers Bond-Midland -

Brewers Bond for five hundred dollars issued to Alexander Findlater and William Davidson allowing for the the engaging of a brewing business in Midland. Alexander Findlater owned and operated the Findlater Hotel located on Main Street. Sureties signed by Harvey Lyon and Edwin H. Beardsley. Document has a tax revenue stamp affixed to it, for 25 cents insurance.

Image of City of Midland Taxes -

City of Midland Taxes -

City of Midland tax receipts for 90 acres of land owned by Leonard Starks. The receipts are signed by James Hayden, Treasurer.

Image of Rawleigh's Good Health Products -

Rawleigh's Good Health Products -

Rawleigh's Good Health Products Catalog sent to "Lenard Stark, R4, Midland Mich. The back is stamped with "John J. Carroll, Auburn, Michigan", suggesting he was the local sales rep.

Image of Bliss Abstract Co. -

Bliss Abstract Co. -

Bliss Abstract Company blotter with a calendar for Oct-Dec 1963.

Image of Fifty Years of the Dow Chemical Company, Its Progress and Its People -

Fifty Years of the Dow Chemical Company, Its Progress and Its People -

Booklet- "Fifty Years of the Dow Chemical Company, Its Progress and Its People" Celebrating the first fifty years of the Dow Chemical Company, the history of Midland and the early years of Dow Chemical. Includes 13 soft-pencil illustrations by Fred Cole.

Image of Dow Chemical Co Telephone Directory -

Dow Chemical Co Telephone Directory -

Telephone Directory for the Dow Chemical Company

Image of City of Midland -

City of Midland -

Zoning Ordinance for the City of Midland titled "Zoning Ordinance, City of Midland Ordinance No. 411".

Image of Correspondence-Employment Offer -

Correspondence-Employment Offer -

Letter on Dow Chemical Company letterhead from S. L. Starks, Director, Technical Emplowment of the Dow Chemical Company to Mr. Leon M. Abbott, confirming employment in the Main Engineering Department at a salary of $400 per month on the basis of five eight-hour days per week.

Barrett School Collection -

Records of the Barrett School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), including two minute books and a scrapbook. Scrapbook recounting the history of Barrett School, 1863-1949 created by the Eighth Grade classes of 1948-1949.

Image of Midland City Council Rule Book & Directory -

Midland City Council Rule Book & Directory -

Rule book and directory for the Midland City Council.

Image of Midland Hospital -

Midland Hospital -

Booklet on the Midland Hospital 1953 Addition.

Image of Midland County Directory -

Midland County Directory -

Midland County Directory 1991-1992

Image of Midland's Churches -

Midland's Churches -

Finding aide for the churches in Midland titled "Your Guide to Midland's Churches".

Image of First Methodist Church -

First Methodist Church -

Proposed 1964 budget for the First Methodist Church.

Image of Great Lakes Loons -

Great Lakes Loons -

Two envelopes commerating the Great Lakes Loon home opener, created by Earl Ebach on the day the Great Lakes Loons played their home opener on 4/13/2007. He had them stamped by the post office the same day.

Charles J. Strosacker Memorial Presbyterian Church Papers -

Records include documentation on the planning, financing and construction of the Bertha R. Strosacker Memorial Presbyterian Church, funded by Dr. Charles Strosacker. The new church replaced the existing First Presbyterian Church and was named in memorial to the sister of Charles Strosacker. Records include annual reports, committee meeting minutes, correspondence, and financial records documenting the cost of construction and records of funds provided by Charles Strosacker. Records include correspondence, plans and financial records for the construction of the Education Wing added to the building in 1960 and also funded by Charles Strosacker.

The Midland Purdue Club Records -

Records of the Midland Purdue Club, a local organization associated with the Purdue University Alumni Association. Records include meeting minutes, correpsondence, membership lists and documents pertaining to the activities of the club.

Image of Autograph book -

Autograph book -

Helen M. Barr's Autograph book. Includes a list of her teachers and the addresses of of her class mates. While the school is not listed, based on the addresses of her classmates it may be the Thompson school located in what is now Grove Park. Her teachers are listed as: Mr. G. Cummins, Miss Grace Mitchel, Miss Brennan, Miss E. Sheffield, Miss Simons, Mrs. M. Boyton, Mr. Huff (Principle), Mr. Bare, Miss Wilson, Miss K. Howe, Miss Veasey, Miss Meadrow. Her classmates are listed as: Miss Clista Awavey, Holly Keaver, Hank Sirriene, Leon Sirriene, Helen Abby, Hazel Renner, Harriet Potts, Aubrey Whitman, Ida Nickless, Jeanette Hayes, Anna Renner, Julia Mason, Ruth Clark, Hazel Rueff, and

Image of Country Doctor -

Country Doctor -

A copy of a talk Joseph H. Sherk, M.D. gave to the Torch and Rotary clubs, titled "The Philosophy of a Country Doctor".

Image of The City of Midland, Michigan -

The City of Midland, Michigan -

Promotional booklet of the City of Midland Michigan

Sewer Engineering Study Advisory Committee (SESAC) Records -

Records of the Sewer Engineering Study Advisory Committee (SESAC). Records include meeting minutes, committee reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence and photographs.

The Midland Log: Early Midland Blacks -

Booklet: The Midland Log "Early Midland Blacks" Midland County African -American history The Highgate, Johnson, and Farmer Families by Gail Verplank Freddie Highgate Slept Here by Henry Hart Helen Tanner Johnson Hudson by Gail Verplank Hazel Harris Price Farmer by Gail Verplank

The Midland Log: Midland in Wartime - World War I -

Booklet: The Midland Log "Midland in Wartime - World War I" Summer 1986 The story of Angela Elias Post Garrett By Ned Brandt

The Midland Log: Midland Rotary Club, 1920-1995 -

Booklet: The Midland Log "The Rotary Club, 1920-1995" History of the Midland Rotary Club celebrating its 75 Anniversary.

The Midland Log: The Post Street School and County Normal -

Booklet: The Midland Log "The Post Street School and County Normal" The Post Street School by Ned Brandt History of Post Street School by Kathryn Cummins Remembering by Dorothy Shetzley Midland County Normal Graduates by Marville Kent & Committee

The Midland Log: The Many Post Offices of Midland County -

The Midland Log: Fall 2008 "The Many Post Offices of Midland County"

Image of Parades - Unknown Parade

Parades - Unknown Parade

35mm slide image of a parade in downtown Midland, likely a Dow Field Day parade.

Image of Dow Gardens - Dow Gardens

Dow Gardens - Dow Gardens

Postcard photograph of the pond at Dow Gardens

Image of Midland Country Club - Midland Country Club

Midland Country Club - Midland Country Club

Postcard photograph of the Midland Country Club